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    Car Sale Magari Capital

    WELCOME TO  magaricapital.co.ke

    At magaricapital.co.ke , our commitment is to offer you a unique set of financing solutions to purchase high-quality vehicles at the lowest competitive prices countrywide, by dealing directly with the seller and eliminating all middle-men. We afford convenience, in that you can purchase a vehicle directly from the Country of Origin through our portal magaricapital.co.ke, or you can visit one of our ultra-modern showrooms for a more traditional purchase experience.
    As the country’s largest automobile company, we focus on offering you worry-free, in-house financing with our industry-first financing options.

    As the nation’s largest automobile company providing you worry-free in-house financing solutions, & our financing options are unmatched and unrivaled.


    With associate companies right across the globe, including in Japan, parts of Europe, Australia, Korea, India & in the African Continent, Magari capital reserves the distinction of being perhaps the only automobile company in Kenya / world with such a diversified business portfolio.

    We consistently strive to differentiate ourselves from other automobile companies in order to offer greater value to our customers. As such, we take great pride in our extensive network globally, which has allowed us to revolutionist the method of motor vehicle purchase. As the first to offer this service in Kenya, this unique process has allowed us to pass on tremendous savings to the customer in buying a vehicle directly from the Country of Origin or from Dealer-Only Auctions, thereby eliminating all needless extra costs.


    Our team ensures several rigorous procedures are followed, in meticulously handpicking each vehicle based on the customer’s precise specifications, while issuing a Certificate of Quality even before the purchase is finalized. All vehicle purchases from magaricapital.co.ke come with a two-year warranty or money-back guarantee – an unrivaled offer in the auto industry in Kenya.